ItechSaas introduces Daily Collection Application (Pigmy Application), a software package of 2 software solutions that is ‘Pigmy Collection/Daily Collection’ & ‘Savings’ which are useful in our daily life. The package has been targeted towards common man to make his life easy and hassle free.

Daily Collection, as the name suggests is small amount collection of savings, it is one of the traditional methods of saving, which is provided by all financial institution. Daily Collection Application also known as Pigmy Software is modern management system to keep a systematic account of this type of collection. This software is outcome of a blend of innovative ideas and experiences of both accomplished software engineers and sincere hardworking users. This software has a mobile Pigmy Collection System for managing the data of pigmy receipts. It is user-friendly and easy to use software, available on your mobile phone. Like all software this software saves time which might be taken up if the process of collection and deposition is done manually.

ItechSaas Daily Collection Software Provides advanced services of all types. Pigmy collection has an interesting history and has demonstrated to be a great success for many people. Daily Collection Software is outcome of a blend of innovative ideas and experiences of both accomplished software engineers and sincere hardworking users.


  • Real-time Transaction
  • Agent Management
  • Agent access
  • Agents Collections summary
  • 99.9% no risk of Fraud
  • No Delay in Crediting Amount
  • Fingerprint Login
  • Activity Log
  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Customer Management
  • User Permission
  • Highly Secured
  • Lifetime Update
  • Thermal Printer Integration
  • Bill Receipt
  • Electronic Receipt via SMS
  • Customer Based Report
  • Quality Support


  • Pigmy software is available with both Fixed & Non-Fixed Features.
  • Types of collection available in this software are Pigmy Daily, weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Yearly type.
  • Agent wise suspense accounts and Individual Depositor’s Accounts can be maintained.
  • Periodic Calculation of Agents commission, interest to depositors can be calculated.
  • Interest Payable Provision can be generated through the software.
  • Entry of receipt in the application immediately gets recorded in the server.
  • By using additional SMS receipt software package, the customer can have electronic receipt of the payment in the form of an SMS on his registered mobile number immediately.
  • One mobile can be used for accepting daily collection payments & other kind of deposits as well. (Other deposits like saving deposits & microfinance etc.)
  • Mobile phone is much easier to handle & operate as compare to daily collection machine.


  • Agents can use their mobile phone for making Data collection.
  • Entry of receipt immediately gets recorded in the server.
  • One mobile can be used for accepting pigmy & other kind of deposits as well.
  • Pigmy payments get recorded in the server in real time hence ensuring the transparency of the system.
  • There is no need to worry about losing recorded data of pigmy payments in case of losing mobile phone.
  • The data is being recorded in the server in real time at the time of saving the entry by the agent.
  • One of the top benefits is Thermal Printer Integration. Connect your application with printer & generate receipt in no time.

ItechSaas Daily Collection Software Pigmy collection has been one of the routine monetary functions of many financial organizations. We are introducing a mobile pigmy collection system for managing the data of pigmy receipts. It is user friendly software which is easy to use & saves time involved in the process of collecting the pigmy & depositing the collected amount in account. Our reputed organization is one of the reputed organizations holds in offering a superior quality Pigmy Collection.

ItechSaas is a Bangalore based Company providing the best software solutions for Daily collection software. We strongly believe that Technology plays a major role in today's business environment. Many companies greatly rely on computers and software to provide accurate information to effectively manage their business. It is becoming increasingly necessary for all businesses to incorporate information technology solutions to operate successfully.

ItechSaas Daily Data Collection Solution is designed as to reduce the manual work in financial sector and saves the time of financial sector as well as employees or customers. We have designed this software after complete requirement gathering and understanding the scenario of the application. We provide complete customer support as to handle every kind of customer query.