CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the right approach for companies that are looking into consolidating their marketing and sales operations while offering quality customer service which will fit into your business workflows and meet their requirements.

CRM software is better equipped to nurture successful client relationships over the long term. With all the latest details about the customers available at the fingertips of the sales team, you can be assured that all your staff deliver a consistent pitch depending on what stage they are in the customer journey.

We provide custom and platform-based CRM system development, delivering you a wealth of benefits, lead management, enhanced customer service and better communication, automated reports, optimized sales, systematized data, automation of routine tasks, personalized dashboards to quickly locate and visualize necessary information.

You can access your CRM from various devices like laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices. It doesn’t require expensive software or hardware upgrades.


  • Invoicing, Quotation and Orders
  • Customers and Companies Management.
  • Custom GST Tax Rates Features
  • Integrated Stock Management.
  • CRM leads to advanced analytics data and reporting.
  • EMail and SMS Function Directly from Software
  • Enquiry Management System
  • Purchase/Suppliers Management
  • Create Management Team Users (Role Wise)
  • Client Dashboard & Auto Login URL Function
  • Employee Management, Attendance and Payroll Management
  • Advance Reporting System
  • One Click Database Backup
  • Customizable Email and SMS Templates
  • PDF and Printer Friendly
  • Customer Notifications (Invoice, Payment, Quotation, Due Payment Reminder Etc
  • Smart Dashboard - Cash Flow, Expenses, Profit and loss
  • Facility to connect all your marketing efforts online
  • Lead Management Dashboard for sales team indicating calls/ follow-up for the day, along with leads assigned, completed, and pending
  • Dashboard for management to see consolidated reports on source of lead generation, cost per lead and revenue in case the lead been converted if not lead tracking status.


Project Assessment

Wireframe and Planning

UI/UX Design


Testing & Quality Check

Final Delivery