itechsaas pigmy application

Pigmy collection has been one of the routine monetary functions of many financial organizations.

Traditionally, collection of daily deposit is tedious and lengthy and involves making manual entries and preparing receipts. The collection agent can make a mistake in writing down the transaction data (A/c No., Amount, Date) on receipts. There is also a possibility of fraud, as the agent can dupe Customers by writing wrong receipts, or hold on to collected cash for some days for personal use.

We at Itechsaas have solved your problem by developing a mobile pigmy collection data management system.

Pigmy Software is the outcome of a blend of innovative ideas and experiences of both accomplished software engineers and sincere hardworking users.

We at Itechsaas have introducing a mobile pigmy collection data management system for managing the data of pigmy receipts. It is user friendly software which is easy to use & saves time involved in the process of collecting the cash & giving out the manual receipts.

Our company has gained expertise in designing and developing various type of software including Pigmy Collection Data Management Software.

Benefits of Pigmy Collection Data Management System

  1. Pigmy agents can use one mobile phone for making calls & pigmy collection.
  2. Fingerprint login is enabled for more security.
  3. Manage all your customers in a very easy manner.
  4. Entry of receipt in the application immediately gets recorded in the server.
  5. By using additional SMS receipt software package, the customer can have electronic receipt of the payment in the form of an SMS on his registered mobile number immediately.
  6. One of the top benifits is Thermal Printer Integration. Connect your application with printer & generate receipt in no time.
  7. One mobile can be used for accepting pigmy & other kind of deposits as well. (Other deposits like saving deposits & microfinance etc.)
  8. Mobile phone is much easier to handle & operate as compare to pigmy machine.
  9. Pigmy payments get recorded in the server in real time so fraud cases can be avoided at much extent.
  10. There is no need to worry about losing recorded data of pigmy payments in case of losing mobile phone as the data is been recorded in the server in real time at the time of saving the entry by the agent.
  11. Easy for Financial organization to launch and rollout the system.
  12. Fully online; Transactions processed immediately in real-time
  13. Rules out manual errors.
  14. Quality Customer Support.
  15. Portable devices ideal for Doorstep Financial Inclusion.