There are so many different ways to build an app-agencies, freelancers, offshore developers and so much more!

Here, we aim to help you find the best solution for your business, and guide you in deciding between the most common app development services:

  • The Development Shop or Digital Agency: A full-service agency that handles the full spectrum of design and development.
  • The Individual Contractor: A freelance developer who you might find through a friend, colleague, or listing site.
  • The In-House Development Team: There’s always the option to hire full-time employees, especially if you know that you will have ongoing development needs.
  • The Offshore Developer: Many companies decide to hire offshore teams to capitalize on specialized technical abilities at a lower price point.

There’s an awful lot to consider when deciding what development option to go with; different projects with different teams lend themselves to different app development services, and every situation is unique. Here, we’ll first help you identify your priorities, and armed with that information, help you narrow in on which app development services could make the most sense for your business.

What are your priorities when selecting app development services?

If you’re only willing to spend $250, your options are incredibly limited. If you need it launched by next Week, they’re even more limited. Once you recognize your needs and priorities, you’ll be able to start narrowing in on a smart option for your particular situation.

How long it will take to build an app?

Building a quality app can take several months (or more!) but some app development services take more time than others. If time is of the essence and you have some extra coins clanging in your pockets, you might be able to hasten development with an agency or freelancer by paying a 20-50% premium of the full app development cost.

How important is code quality?

If your app is laying the bedrock for a large, long-lasting project, code quality will be critical. A low-quality app might work and look perfect, but it will likely start to break as developers add on new features or try to integrate with other parts of your stack.

Reputable development firms often ship quality product, as do exceptional, well-managed, diverse in-house teams (again, it’s tough to make this happen with a one-person development team, or a junior development team).

Are you looking for a developer who will work with you long term?

Are you envisioning happily ever after with your dev team? If so, you should consider the likelihood that they will still be available to you in a few months. An individual contractor, for example, might take a full-time job, move, switch careers, or succumb to a host of other availability-altering events. An offshore team might up and disappear.

If continuous development is important to you, it’s also important to have conversations about what your long-term relationship (and app development costs) might look like - and to start these conversations as early as possible. As you’re shopping your options, pricing for maintenance or continued development after the initial engagement should play a huge role in your decision-making process.

Understanding what you need here will be critical to identifying which app development services will be the best fit for you.